The Joys of Turning Art into Society 6 Products

Source: The Joys of Turning Art into Society 6 Products

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The Joys of Turning Art into Society 6 Products

I have been experimenting with Society6 as a vehicle to put my accumulation of art before a larger audience. It has been a fun experience over all, however trying to crack the metrics to get the artwork on the radar is a challenge.

I have been reading tutorials on how to get some traction with this. All the hints and tips are great, but depend on one having endless amounts of time and contacts to boost the signal. The upshot of this is that it is still a fledgling process at the moment.

As progress is made another update will be posted. My page on Society6 is exoticdesignstudio, go and check out my products.

Waters Edge at Vincentia

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Time to Destash and Move on

I have been in my studio for 18months now, and whilst it has been a joy to use and create in, it is time to  de-stash and move onwards.

Recent times have seen a change of circumstance in my employment and I am working at the other side of the city from my current home and studio. This puts a bite on my creative time and I am split in 3 ways with my possessions.

Such a thing is not conducive to creative flow and to my inner peace, so I have decided that it is time to move out of the studio and into a House/Studio combination. In order to do this I will need to de-stash all of the items that are now excess to my creative needs.

Prioritising what I will keep and what I will donate to a worthy new home is part of a bigger picture. This picture is sub-titled “Why do I still have this after XX number of Years and will I ever use it?” If I cannot answer the first question and a project does not come to mind for the second part, then it goes into the out pile.

The only caveat is on rarity or cost of the original materials and even then a serious assessment will be made about whether I will keep or sell.

Wish me luck…..


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Settling in…..

Ok then, I have been in the studio for some months. Things are flowing on well apart from a tendency to get a bit messy when in the midst of creating.

I have learnt that organization of the space remains key to being able to find things when I need them. I am still missing some jewellery tools that I put away safely. Either they are really safe or the pixies have decided that I really don’t need them yet.

This is a bit frustrating, however there are still a lot of things to do organizationally to improve work flow.

More later on the improvements.

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Small Item Storage

What do you do when you have a large quantity of small but essential components to store neatly and in such a way as to find them at a moment’s need.

You go looking for neat little boxes that can be utilized in a number of ways. I found the following ones in Daiso – the Japanese variety store. However there is an endless variety available in the Hot Dollar, Dollar discounts and Reject Shop analogues around the world.

When choosing  Рkeep in mind that round is not as space efficient as squared off. You can fit more square shapes in the same space than you can round. They also create a visual whole much more easily. This makes the space look tidier and items easier to find.


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Conversational groupings

Conversational groupings.

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Conversational groupings

The lounges have been set up in the conversation area now. Still to be added are a thermal break and rugs. Later in January a Loggia may be constructed to provide separation between the work areas and the display shop space.

However I decided that the concrete flooring is too cold visually and so I have covered it with high moisture resistant fiber board and then stained and varnished it in a warm maple color. This will go well with the furniture colors and show up the various warm shades of Blue and Green that I have chosen. I am also taking it up the walls and creating a defined space for the display area.



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